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Published in paperback by Warner Books (US & UK, 1994). The paperback edition is now out of print. Transylvania Press (Canada) has issued a signed, numbered, slipcased, limited edition hardcover, which is still available from the publisher.
"A raunchy, viciously funny, post-feminist bat's eye view of L.A.'s dark side."
— Jonathan Kellerman, author of the bestselling Alex Delaware novels

"A taut, tight, sexy tale, combining love, vampirism, police procedural, and some very mean streets. Deftly done."
— Roger Zelazny, Hugo- and Nebula-Award- winning author of the Amber series

"The writing is crisp and clear-headed, and Gottlieb handles the emotional complexities of the characters with brevity and understanding… a good read with just enough quirkiness to make it a memorable one."
— Scott Winnett, LOCUS magazine

"It's all a lot of fun, a sharp picture of life after dark in Southern California...highly entertaining...an impressive first novel, and excellent escapist reading in its own right."
— Carolyn Cushman, LOCUS magazine

"A notable addition to the vampire field."
— Kim Newman, author of ANNO DRACULA

"Sherry Gottlieb's strongest point is her bringing out the brilliant eccentricities of her characters. In Love Bite, there is nothing like Ms Gottlieb bringing the City of Angels to life in all its shades of bizarre eccentricities, quirks, and nice/not-so-nice peccadilloes of its inhabitants."
— Lunarpages

"Fast-paced and exciting, one hell of a read!"
— Thomas Doherty, Tor/Forge Books

"A great deal of fun."
— Michele Slung

"A delightful, sexy brew."
— FATEA magazine (U.K.)

"A colorful, compelling tale."
— Brent Monahan, author of THE BOOK OF COMMON DREAD

The companion novel to LOVE BITE, WORSE THAN DEATH was published by Forge Books (a subsidiary of St. Martins Press) in hardcover in January 2000. The paperback was a June 2001 publication from Tor Books.

Editor's Pick of 1999, Barnesandnoble.com

"This is a clever and cold-blooded little fable that captures the essence of our times."
— Orlando Sentinel

"Sherry Gottlieb knows how to tell a story; WORSE THAN DEATH is a real page-turner."
— Hugo- and Nebula-Award-winning author Joe Haldeman

"WORSE THAN DEATH intrigues me. It's inventive and very amusing. Highly recommended."
— Philip José Farmer, author of The Riverworld series

"Sherry Gottlieb's new novel about vampires suggests that death may be the cure for what ails you--though the price may be more than you want to pay. A frequently funny, often terrifying novel about life and death on the dark side."
— Frank M. Robinson, author of WAITING and THE POWER

"A wonderfully erotic hard-boiled murder mystery about vampires in love…WORSE THAN DEATH is the perfect 'great read' to sprawl out with under a beach umbrella in the broiling sun or to curl up with in your favorite easy chair in front of a cozy fireplace on a chilly night."
— Richard A. Lupoff, author of WRITER AT LARGE

"WORSE THAN DEATH is a sexy, supernatural whodunit; Gottlieb's vampires are compellingly original, with compellingly human problems. One wild, fast-paced ride…"
— Jeanne Kalogridis, author of The Diaries of the Family Dracul

"WORSE THAN DEATH spanks right along along with steamy energy and the author's appropriately wry eye entertainingly reporting the state of undeath in Southern California. One can hope Jace and Risha will return in a third novel...."
— Locus - Edward Bryant

"Sherry Gottlieb's WORSE THAN DEATH is one hell of a sexy, funny, exciting read. Miss this wonderful novel and you'll be kicking yourself into the next life."
— Patrick LoBrutto

"Sherry Gottlieb adds a little spice to the tasty bloodsucker stew of vampire fiction. Like Laurell K. Hamilton's excellent Anita Blake series, Gottlieb writes about steamy, erotic power duels between humans and the undead."
— Naomi Gesinger, Amazon.com

"A very straightforward book, clear and vivid and appealing."
— Catherine B. Krusberg, The Vampire's Crypt

"Very entertaining."
— Science Fiction Chronicle

Published by Viking in 1991 in hardcover (there was no paperback). A nominee for the PEN West USA Literary Award in nonfiction. It is now out-of-print; for a signed copy contact the author.
"HELL NO, WE WON'T GO! is a brilliant and courageous contribution to the literature of dissent and the history of the Vietnam era. These brave men, their words, their principles, their integrity and enduring courage will serve as the 'different drummer' Thoreau spoke of, for a whole new generation to listen to. Every American should read this book."
— Ron Kovic, author of BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY

"…will stir strong emotion in readers, especially anyone who ever served in the military. If the truth hurts, then this book carries quite an impact … an important volume."
— Library Journal

"Any oral history of draft evasion should raise moral and ethical issues of more than passing interest. Gottlieb's oral history of draft evasion in the 1960s works on both these counts and is also surprisingly entertaining and literate."
— A.L.A. Booklist

PUP FICTION collects all eleven cases of canine private investigator Sam Spayed with illustrations by Zoe Spiliotis. Originally published by Waltsan Publishing as a cdBook in 2004, it is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon. Signed/inscribed copies of the paperback can be ordered from the author.
"Pup Fiction is brilliant...beautifully written...funny, touching. Oh my gosh, just downright fabulous! I ordered several as gifts, and some will be for donations to charitable auctions. I just LOVED all of Sam Spayed's tales! I'm going to be ordering more. Awesome job!"
— Maria Whittle