? Sherry Gottlieb: Writer, Editor, Scrabble Hustler

SHERRY GOTTLIEB has written four published books, including two novels, an oral history, and a collection of short-short stories. LOVE BITE (Warner 1994) is a police procedural with fangs, and was the basis for the absolutely terrible 1995 TV-movie "Deadly Love", starring Susan Dey (the movie bore scant relation to the book). The erotic dark mystery WORSE THAN DEATH (Forge Books, a subsidiary of St. Martin's Press, 1999) is the companion novel to LOVE BITE, but can be read independently of it. HELL NO, WE WON'T GO! RESISTING THE DRAFT DURING THE VIETNAM WAR (Viking 1991) is an oral history which was nominated for the PEN West USA Literary Award for Nonfiction. PUP FICTION (Waltsan 2001) is a CDbook, a collection of stories about Sam Spayed, canine private investigator.

As Career Boost Résumés, Sherry has written nearly 4000 professional résumés in all fields and for most positions, from entry-level to C-level executives. Career Boost Résumés serves clients in person in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, California, and internationally through this website.

A private editor/book doctor, Sherry specializes in fiction, primarily novels. Her clients have sold their edited manuscripts to Knopf, St. Martin's Press, Harper-Collins, Berkley-Putnam, Greenleaf Book Group Press, and Jossey-Bass. She contributed the chapter entitled "The Book Doctor is In: The Seven Most Common First Novel Problems and How to Avoid Them" in THE PORTABLE WRITERS' CONFERENCE (Quill Driver 2007).

For nearly two decades, Sherry owned A Change of Hobbit Bookstore in Santa Monica, California, the world's oldest and largest speculative-fiction bookstore. She now lives with her dog near the coast in Ventura County, California.